When I ask Lexi for her assistance on anything party-related, I don’t have to ask twice. She is always ready! Her creativity and attention to detail astound me. She is relentless in her pursuit to find exactly what she is looking for, at exactly the right price. One never knows what will capture her imagination and spark an idea. I cannot even recount all that she has done for me over the years; I only know that my guests and I have been the welcome beneficiary of her talent and skills!
— Debbie L.
Review for Custom Party Decor

Lexi makes all my Pinterest dreams come true!
— Jenny Hancock

“When Lexi is in “creative mode” the joy and enthusiasm she emotes is darn right catching! From the onset of a project, you can see the wheels turning and as one idea builds upon another she totally engrosses herself until completion. No task is too small or too large. She is quick to understand your vision and enjoys collaborating with others. You can set her loose or work alongside her. Lexi is very professional, organized and reliable. I look forward to our next event together.”
- Adena Frank

Review for Bat Mitzvah Decor Planner
For my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah Lexi was my everything! I cannot speak more highly of her. From beginning to end she went above and beyond to make sure the day was perfectly magical and went as smoothly as possible. She was the event planner, coordinator, organizer, and dream maker. All I had to do was give her our theme and everything else was taken care of. For all that she does, and all the time, thought, and effort that she puts in, her service is so affordable. I will have her do all my events large or small and would recommend her to anyone who’s looking for having a party where they can be a “guest” and know that everything will turn out better than they could have ever imagined!
— Leila Branksy

Lexi is that unique individual who possesses both a highly creative vision and the ability to execute her ideas with extraordinary technical skill. She is organized, communicative, and above all else, supremely talented. Lexi continues to blow me away with her work. If you ever need a creative talent “in your back pocket” for things both big and small, Lexi should absolutely be your go-to gal. She is definitely mine!
— Stephanie Heyman